Liszt Ferenc Repülőtéri Parkoló Ferihegy

+36 20 396 6666 | +36 20 333 1177 | [email protected] | Budapest, Üllői út 849.


Info: +36 20 333 11 77, Bus: +36 20 39 66 666

Park&Fly Liszt Ferenc Airport Parking Address:

Budapest, Üllői út 849.

GPS coordinates: N 47.42149 / E 19.24031

  • Via public road Park&Fly Liszt Ferenc Airport Parking can be reached on Road Nr. 4 / Üllõi str.
  • Easily accessible, from Budapest to the Airport direction on the right side of the end of Üllõi str.,
  • or after the Airport Motorway turning right on the first exit and back to Üllõi str, appr. 100 meters on the left side.
  • From M0 Motorway on the Nr. 4 Road, direction of Liszt Ferenc Airport/Budapest follow Pestszentlõrinc sign on the left, cross the railway and after 100m you will find it on the left.

Useful information

Reserving parking space

Reserve your space simply online or call our infoline.

Parking fees

  • Parking fee contains the price of the shuttle bus, to and from both terminals of the airport for you and your passengers.
  • Parking fee can be paid on arrival or when leaving Liszt Ferenc Airport Parking Office, either in cash or by credit card

The parking process may be organized in more ways:

  • Following a short administration after arriving to Liszt Ferenc Airport Parking, we transport you, your passengers and your luggage to the chosen terminal. Both terminals are 2 km-s from the parking space, which means approx. 5 minutes travel time. Please allow 15-20 mins between checking in to the parking space and the airport.
  • In case you have time, you may leave your passengers at the airport, get back to the parking space, and we will transport you to the airport.
  • In case you have no time to park, you can call our staff to meet at the airport, and we will take your car back to the parking space.
  • Plase call our bus number as soon as you landed, and our driver will go to the airport and take you back to your car.
  • Our staff will handle all your luggage.


  • Budapest, Üllői út 849. Company: PARKFLY KFT.
  • +36 20 333 11 77 +36 20 39 66 666
  • [email protected]