Liszt Ferenc Repülőtéri Parkoló Ferihegy

+36 20 396 6666 | +36 20 333 1177 | [email protected] | Budapest, Üllői út 849.

Reserving airport parking online is fast and easy.
  • Select your departure airport and parking arrival and return dates to begin your search.
  • Fill out your billing address and registration information on our secure checkout page and book your airport parking reservation.
  • Print out your receipt to present it at the parking lot. Your travel itinerary includes the quoted rate, and directions to the parking lot. Then check your email and click on the confirmation link.

Reservation – Please check availability to book a space! Opening:

Reservation – Please check availability to book a space! Opening:
Days and price:


  • 0-24 hours secure parking lot
  • The whole parking lot is surveillance secured
  • Online or phone reservation
  • Pay with cash or credit cards
  • Free transfer to/from the airport to/from both terminals 0-24 hours 7 days a week

Autóbérlés Ferihegyen
Kényelmesen, gyorsan, kedvező áron.
Buszok, minibuszok és teherautók őrzött parkoltatását is biztosítjuk 0-24h-ban igényesen kialakított parkolóterületeken Érdeklődni a +36 20 333 11 77 információs vonalon lehet!


  • Budapest, Üllői út 849. Company: PARKFLY KFT.
  • +36 20 333 11 77 +36 20 39 66 666
  • [email protected]